2015: CEO & CTO Reviews And Perspectives

Adrien Schmidt (CEO) and Serge Fantino (CTO) talk about their 2014 reviews and 2015 perspectives.


What do you take away from this past year 2014?

Adrien: In 2014, we opened an office in the US and conducted successful business with major US customers. My take away is that: (1) the Academic Publishing industry is ready for change in the way they leverage Usage Analytics to grow their business, (2) that we are uniquely positioned to serve them for that and (3) that US-based companies are leading the way in that change.

Serge: For me it would be the development of apps on new platforms based on API’s. We started the year by rolling out the SquidFlow, which leverages D3.js to provide academic publishers with a compelling way to understand usage on their digital platforms. We have also built successful, large-scale Usage Analytics architectures based on the rocketing AWS Redshift Cloud platform.


 Why 2015 is a crucial year for Squid Solutions?

Adrien: 2015 will be Squid’s year of expansion. We are building a great team here in the US to win new business. And we are growing our technical capabilities with more highly qualified engineers to serve our customers.

Serge: It’s going to be a real revolution for Squid’s R&D. We will replace our flagship product, the SquidBox, with intuitive apps based on our common API. New challenges include extended scalability of our technology to address the specific needs of the publishing sector and rolling out more apps. Innovation will continue through the adoption of Spark to complement and boost our current Redshift-based platform.


 What can we wish you for 2015?

Adrien: To have a happy team, happy customers and happy partners!

Serge: I wish us to forge our US identity and leverage it!