[Press Release] Bouquet: Open Source Analytics API

Squid Solutions is proud to launch Bouquet, the open source analytics API


NEW YORK (O’Reilly’s Strata Conference), September 30th, 2015

Bouquet, the open source analytics API used by developers for building analytics applications, is now available for beta-testers at openbouquet.io. Open source has become the most accessible way for developers to use Big Data technologies, including Apache Hadoop, open-source querying frameworks and the recently announced ODPi. Now, Bouquet provides developers with an open source framework to develop analytics applications for business end-users.


Recent developments in massive datastores have opened up possibilities for companies to gain new insights  into their operations. However, challenges remain in accessing those data, which is still mainly done through closed-source business intelligence tools or by tapping into the skills of scarce, highly qualified data scientists.


By uniquely combining powerful in-database computing, dynamic query caching, and faceted search capabilities, Bouquet powers new categories of analytics applications that are highly interactive, secure, scalable and tailored to the specific needs of business users.demo bouquet


Bouquet addresses the challenges faced by a developer designing a new analytics visualization. Bouquet includes a powerful Javascript SDK with a D3js component and enforces multiple levels of security to meet the needs of the enterprise.


Bouquet supports SQL-on-Hadoop frameworks such a Pivotal Hawq and Apache Drill, and soon SparkSQL and Presto, along with most relational databases. “Pivotal shares an open source vision of software and Bouquet is a powerful addition to the big data ecosystem.  Its ease of integration enables the creation of secure, scalable data visualizations on top of the world’s leading Hadoop Native SQL, powered by PivotalHDB ,” said Michael Cucchi, Sr. Director, Big Data Product Marketing at Pivotal.

Bouquet is the result of 10 years of R&D and experimentations by Squid Solutions, a technology company based in Paris and San Francisco.

More info at openbouquet.io



Can be reached at NYC Strata Conf:

Adrien Schmidt (CEO)   @a_schm and Serge Fantino (CTO) @sergefantino

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