[DataWeek SF] Squid Event To Share Experience With D3 Community

We organised our first event in SF in the frame of the DataWeek. Find here how it was!

San Francisco hosted this week the DataWeek, the largest data + API event  where thousands of engineers and executives converge to discuss the role of data + API innovation on business, technology, and society.

The theme of DataWeek 2014 was Data Skills and with our team of data workers we thought it would be the perfect moment to talk about our latest data visualisation app, the SquidFlow.

As a result we were appointed host of a Data Week event.

DataWeek program


Our event took place on Wednesday 17th at 6 pm in the French Tech Hub where the US Squid Office is located. We also invited members of Bay Area D3.js user group and our event became one of this group’s MeetUp.

‘Tips and tricks to build a cloud based Big DataViz using d3.js’

It was a technical presentation to learn how to build an enterprise-class interactive dashboard showing the flow of website users using D3.js + Squid Analytics API and computed over a billion rows of raw usage data stored in an AWS Redshift database.

Adrien Schmidt, CEO of Squid Solutions, did a talk about the use and features of the SquidFlow. Showing data through a visualization is now the most efficient way to make data talk. The challenge is to build a flexible and interactive dataviz application that can be used to solve business issues. When it turns to big data it appears to be a higher challenge. He explained that the aim of this enterprise app was to bring data to business / sales units and make data actionnable.



Then, Olivier Balbous our software architect taught the attendees how we built the app and his experience about that:



At the end we had the chance to listen few lightning talks from Kay, Dickson, John and Steve about their different projects on D3


With 60 attendees, the first Squid event in SF was a great success!


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