DotJS Conference Highlights by Tom

Interesting talks at the dotJS conference

Interesting talks at the dotJS conference by Tom Scott, software dev @Squid.

  • Json web token’s are becoming more and more popular and look to replace traditional cookies. They are encoded as a json object which can be used to store numerous amounts of data as the payload of a JSON Web Signature (JWS) – for example.
  • Yahoo lead engineer discussed that next generation of JavaScript (ES6) is upcoming and mentioned that you can use Polyfill’s to test new features before release. Yahoo should release it’s own tool for this shortly.
  • ReactJS’s lead developer talks about it’s implementation, originally deriving from Facebook and how many large companies now use it. It is referred to as the V in MVC and can be used easily alongside other model / controller frameworks.
  • Ember.JS’s Yehuda Katz talked on diversity / evolution and how important it is in the workplace and how he believes that getting things out the door / adapting quickly to change is a methodology he carries out with Rails 3 and Ember.JS.
  • Soledad Penadés – senior engineer at Mozilla talked about methods of manipulating sound within javascript objects.
  • Google developer discusses an active library called domJS which he is currently working on with a team of active contributors. Google has it’s own stand discussing the polymer project



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