When our Data Scientist explains his job

– Let’s start with a short presentation, who are you Xavier Bebin?

– I’m Xavier, 39 years old from Brittany in France. I’ve been working for Squid for 8 years. I graduated in both IT science and statistics. You can add a masters in Bio Computing. Previously I worked with Squid’s founders at SLP Infoware (Gemplus) and we were already resolving data issues at the time.

– What is your role at Squid Solutions ?

-I am Data Scientist and Project Manager. I am in charge of data analysis and KPI definitions. I work closely with our clients to define, build and validate their Big Data dashboards.

– Squid is currently recruiting. Can you explain your needs and what kind of profile are you looking for?

– I am looking for a Data Scientist. The common definition given in tech magazines is a mix of IT skills (ability to handle data in computer systems) and to strong relational skills. Statistical modeling expertise isn’t required upfront: it can be acquired over time as long as the candidate has a good level in Mathematics. Unlike traditional Data Miners, the Data Scientist at Squid has to be able to understand the business approach and needs to clearly communicate the work that is being done to client.

– What comes out of your recent interviews?

– The Squid team is highly technical and we like to diversify our “Data workers”.  We want to break the geek cliché of the introverted tech guy – for instance by recruiting female Data Scientist!