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With our Data Management Platform (DMP) and our team of Data Scientists, we provide Big Data solutions in the field of usage analytics.


How much value is there in your Data? That’s a question we can answer. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past 10 years.

  • Data Audit

    Do you even know which data you have and how useful they are? They are usually so spread out in various silos that it”s hard to tell. Squid’s Data Audit will give you a roadmap to become a data-driven organization and to leverage the DMP.

  • Data collection

    There’s tremendous value in bringing data from various sources together. For example, web tracking data with CRM, transactions, server-side logs and ad server data come together beautifully for Usage Analytics and Programmatic Advertising. Into the Squid’s DMP.

  • Usage Analytics

    Browse through data at the finest level of detail. Compare customers, features, content, drill down and pivot. View business KPIs and their evolutions year over year, day over day. Squid’s dashboards are the most efficient tool to expose your data and zoom in on what you’re looking for.

  • Data Activation

    Insight is precious, but actions are what brings money to the bank. The Squid DMP syncs your cookie-pools with your website CMS and common media buying platforms. Build tailored usage reports that you can share with your customers to demonstrate the value you provide them (and close the deal).

Squid has been building the DMP for years, so it’s full of great features. Here’s an overview.

  • Usage Analytics dashboards to play with your data and find stuff;
  • Interactive segmentation with automatic refresh;
  • N2K “Need to Know” summary app to automatically identify key usage drivers;
  • Forecasting Library to anticipate usage, taking into account complex seasonal patterns;
  • Differential data loading with a high performance ELT procedure to absorb your 1st party data;
  • Powerful web tracking with session-level and cookie-level analytics;
  • 2-year or more raw data conservation in secure repositories;
  • And more!

The best thing of all is that it’s up and running and proven with the most uncompromising clients. No set-up, no installations: you can get started today!


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Our history

Founded in January 2004, Squid has over 10 years experience solving strategic data issues. We are proud to use break-out technologies allowing us to provide successful delivery of hugely ambitious customer projects. Fortune 500 customers have placed – and renewed – their confidence in Squid again and again.


Initial R&D: First prototype and proof of concept.


First commercial release. And what a first customer: eBay! We can demonstrate the efficiency of the technology on one of the world’s biggest datawarehouse and learn all about Internet Classifieds. Web Intelligence is born.


Early Adopters: Squid continues to develop the technology and deepen its Big Data analytics expertise working on strategic projects in telecom (SFR) and finance (Caisse d’Epargne).


Early Market : Squid raises 3 million Euros from Neptune Technologies, CM-CIC Innovation and a group of private investors to develop the Web Intelligence market.


Focus on Internet Classifieds Squid becomes the leader of Web Intelligence for Internet Classifieds.


Big Data Analytics in the cloud Squid launches the Big Data Management Platform (DMP) in the cloud to foster the development of Business Applications featuring advanced analytics. Squid ramps up its R&D and data science teams.


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Our partners

As a Big Data company based in Paris we are involved in the Data Ecosystem. We have developed strategic alliances with other leading actors.

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Every day we work with our clients resolving their data issues. We build Big Data solutions using complex technology allowing us to analyze terabytes of Data. We are speakers at conferences about tech, digital or entrepreneurship and we are involved in many projects in the ecosystem here in Paris. After 10 years of experience we want to share our data expertise with you on this blog. Welcome in our blog!

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