[Event] Tips and tricks to build a cloud based Big DataViz using D3js

Event organised in San Francisco by Squid Solutions in the frame of the Data Week – 17/09/14 6-8 PM

“How to build an enterprise-class data visualisation app using D3.js over a Billion of rows of data stored in AWS Redshift”

This is a technical presentation where you’ll learn how to build an enterprise-class interactive dashboard showing the flow of website users using D3js + Squid Analytics API and computed over a billion rows of raw usage data stored in an AWS Redshift database.

 Showing your data through a visualization is now the most efficient way to make your data talk. The challenge is to build a flexible and interactive dataviz application that can be used to solve business issues. When it turns to big data (and billion of rows!) it appears to be a higher challenge. At Squid we did it and we built an interactive visitor flow: the SquidFlow.

Join us to know more about our experience and learn how to use D3.js to build a flexible and interactive visualization with billion of rows.

1. The data / The issue – WHY

2. The SquidFlow – HOW

3. The building blocs – WHAT

4. Do it yourself!

At the end of the workshop we are going to share a drink to celebrate the opening of our offices in San Francisco!

– This event is organised by Squid Solutions in the frame of the Data Week in San Francsico –