N2K – Your tailored google analytics report

Discover our new product: Need To Know for Google Analytics!

You are a blogger? A marketer? An analyst?

Every morning you are focus on your Google Analytics dashboards. You want to know which content has been successful. What is your landing page? The level of your bounce rate or your returning/new visitors?

Pad N2K

If I may summarize you need to identify the evolution of your key drivers. And let’s be honest, you are bored with your too many complex and unreadable data reports. That’s when our R&D Lab comes on the picture. Serge and Olivier have developed a new web application for you!

Need to Know for Google Analytics (N2K4GA) gives you one-page overview that analyses your website visits growth over the last month/year and highlights the key-drivers for a selection of dimensions:

  • country
  • source
  • landing page
  • visitor types & behavior
  • device type

N2K automatically selects what is important for you among thousands of drivers!

It is free and it will always be (already heard that ☺) and really easy to use.


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