Pierre Montagano Attended NFAIS Conference

Pierre spoke at his first conference representing Squid Solutions.

Pierre is our new business development director and he attended and spoke at his first conference representing Squid Solutions.

It was the NFAIS 57th Annual Conference. The focus was to gather publishing stakeholders together and share ideas and knowledge about “how best to bring together the appropriate elements of software, content, and human capital to drive user engagement.”

Here are his impressions about the conference!


I had the pleasure of attending the annual NFAIS (http://www.nfais.org) conference in Washington DC and in spite of a snowstorm on the opening day it was a great success. Excellent presenters encouraged by active audience participation explored how to improve the user experience in research and scholarship through information technology. The meeting struck me as being the right mix of publishers, non-profits, service providers and librarians who were completely focused on end users and how we deliver the content they need in financial models that support continued innovation.

There were some underlying themes that seemed to find their way into almost every discussion and presentation.

  • Using Big Data to make better product development decisions and enhance the user experience.
  • The famous quote from Steward Brand, “Information Wants To Be Free. Information also wants to be expensive…That tension will not go away.”
  • Advancing a culture of innovation and change with economic models that are sustainable and scalable.
  • Small reiterative changes versus the big hyped version 2.0.
  • Improving discoverability with better meta data, content mapping and predicting user intent.

My major take-away from the conference is that Content is no longer king! The user is king and this conference was all about that fundamental change and what that means for publishers, non-profits, service providers and librarians!