Squid Solutions’ first steps in the U.S.

A Squid Solutions interview has been published on he French Tech Hub web site. Find the complete interview here.

The Valley is fond of startup pitching: could you pitch Squid Solutions as you would in front of VCs and potential clients ?

The advent of Internet has created new uses that have highly impacted businesses such as music, movie, news, or retail industries. These new uses have created new business models, in which the consumer experiences the product and pays for its use rather than for the product itself. The growth of Netflix or Spotify illustrates this transformation quite effectively.

Other industries, such as academic publishing, a multi-billion dollar industry, are going through the same transformation. Usage has become the currency of those markets. Squid Solutions makes Usage Analytics software allowing them to collect, understand and leverage usage for their business.

Squid Office 1

Squid Solutions is almost 10 years old. How have Squid Solutions’ products evolved since its creation?

Ten years ago, it was not common to analyze large volumes of data. Our first major client was eBay. At the time we demonstrated the efficiency of our technology on one of the world’s biggest datawarehouses. eBay was a great early adopter and had their technology built in-house. Now we are leading the way to bring these technologies to more markets that need them, such as academic publishers, through cloud offerings and constant innovation in defining the way businesses can become data driven by leveraging usage data.

In France, Squid Solutions has a lot of large corporations as clients; why did you choose to set foot in the U.S. (July ’14)?
Indeed, we have been working with large companies in France such as La Poste, the French national postal service. However, market traction brought us to the U.S.

Without any foothold internationally, we were already doing 80% of our business outside of France. It became obvious for us to take the opportunity to grow the business in the US.


Which kind of companies are you specifically targeting in the U.S. ?

We have focused our business development strategy towards academic publishing companies. They are billion $ companies that sell content to universities across the world. They are facing new challenges that can be addressed by better leveraging usage data.

That’s when Squid comes into the picture. We have the unique combination of vertical business expertise and a complete technology stack to answer their usage analytics needs.


Do you have any current projects you want to share with us?

I’m happy to announce a new product, the DataPump, to easily import data into AWS Redshift. This is a tool for companies who want to try out new big data technologies like AWS Redshift. It can automatically import and synchronize a traditional RDBMS (Oracle,…) with a Redshift database. It handles all the specific configuration issues of a massively parallel database system. So it is a perfect tool to start a POC on Redshift and get your old databases into the Cloud!

The interview is also available on the French Tech Hub Website.