Stumbling into a market

Squid is a boutique data management and analytics company based in Paris.
We do predictive modeling, analytics, yield management and App development for clients in finance, retail, e-commerce, media, luxury (this is Paris after all!), marketing services, travel and FMCG.

Tech jargon aside, we help companies use data in smart, user-friendly ways to enhance business decision-making. Pretty far removed from the M&A world right?  Maybe not…

A big client – global sector leader – recently asked us to do a data audit of a potential acquisition.  The client had already done its due diligence, legal verifications and strategic assessments but wanted an independent appraisal of the target’s ‘usage data’ in order to better understand the businesses key drivers and project how these drivers would impact performance moving forward. A bottom-up analysis of usage data, we believed, could help the client structure deal terms, earn-out structure and address issues related to strategic alignment within the Group.

The Squid Data Swat Team – data geeks who parachute into corporate trouble spots the world over – executed the bottom-up analysis in just a few weeks.

Result:  the client adjusted its bid price, closed the deal and agreed to an earn-out model based on the key metrics we established during the audit.

Will Big Data impact the M&A sector?  We think so.

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