Tom Scott English Software Dev Joins Squid R&D

Thomas Scott is our new software developer. Let’s meet him!

Thomas Scott is our new software developer. Let’s meet him!


I am from Harrogate, a small town in England near Leeds and I moved to Paris one and a half years ago. I studied my bachelor degree at Leeds Metropolitan University (now known as Leeds Beckett University). My bachelor degree was a course concentrating on “IT systems for business” which is where I was introduced to the concepts of programming and development linked alongside with business.
My first job in France was working for a company called Docxa where I was using javascript, java to create full dynamic management solutions. People could introduce conditional logic within their online forms and provide certain functionalities allowing people to continue the form later on. They could have flexible forms to suit different business needs.

Role @ Squid

My role at Squid is really going to be focused on the javascript application development part. I’ll be in charge of improving the processes. I will also be demonstrating that we can provide effective charting solutions and methodical communication with the front end Squid API D3.js platform. My role is going to provide the best visual prospective possible.


The work of a web developer has changed massively since the role was introduced. Traditionally the role was solely focused on developing for one platform with a limited amount of functionality, generally involving the same tools and langages. Nowadays however we are introduced to a wide variety of platforms and technologies to use where we see fit, therefore extending the roles diversity in terms of creativity and problem solving. This in turn attracts a wider spectrum of people to the role.

Why  Squid

Big Data business really interests me. It is a very powerful topic, not only in the technical community, as there are projects, real world businesses and problems to solve. Squid is in a position that really suited me to improve my development skills in a business domain which is heavy in demand.


I love all things sport, running, biking, swimming.. the lot! I am a Guitar player as well. For 5 years I was a volunteer in a registered charity where I helped people with visual impairments to go on weekly bike rides. We used tandem bikes where we took them on a variety of different weekly routes.

English in Paris

It is enjoyable to live in Paris. I get to share the differences in culture. I am convinced that we can all work really well together. I believe that a multicultural environment is a productive one.

Fav place

I would say the heart.. Chatelet area with all restaurants and social meeting points. The atmosphere is not one to miss!


If you want to follow Tom he is on Twitter and Linkedin!